Diversity is powerful

Diversity is powerful.

Uniqueness is beautiful. 

We celebrate what makes us all different. 

Be yourself.  We like it that way.

At The Coaching Guild, our commitment to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity, sexual orientation, national origin, neurodiversity, physical ability, social class, and life experience drives us forward and inspires our work every day. 

We are a highly diverse and multicultural faculty and student body.

Our accelerated approach to diversity and inclusion has shaped our mission. 

They are the foundation of our culture. 

These are core elements of our curriculum.

Our mission is bigger than just making space. The Coaching Guild is committed to elevating diverse leadership.  Making room at the table isn’t what we are aiming for.  The Coaching Guild is committed to creating equitable spaces where diverse voices are at the head of the table, the front of the room, and in leadership positions in our program and in our industry.   

The future of coaching depends on bold, fierce, and brilliant diverse voices with more entry points to coaching for a wider and more diverse client base.  

The Coaching Guild is building the future.

Diversity is powerful

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