Kevin Anthony Johnson

In case you’re wondering what has been happening at The Coaching Guild, this week, we are learning from a guest instructor, Kevin Anthony Johnson, a Master Coach & Life Strategist.

Lucky for us he is also our Emotional literacy and Intelligence instructor. 

Kevin has an unrivalled pocket of genius for helping people go deeper in their understanding of how they feel and how to related to others with more heart and intention. You can’t put a price on that kind of knowledge. Kevin has decades of training and experience.  His perspective is invaluable. He has an uncommon ability to communicate and teach at an almost cellular level. We’re very lucky to have him.

Kevin Anthony Johnson

I have been coaching for more than two decades. I have taken multiple coach training programs. I have a background in behavioral health and hypnotherapy. I have coached tens of thousands of hours with thousands of clients. I thought I knew some stuff about emotional literacy, and I suppose I do know a few things. 

However, I am learning things from Kevin that after all these years of coaching I didn’t know. That is what happens when you learn from a master. I have put these things to work in my life and my coaching practice immediately. Kevin’s genius in our learning space has changed my work for the better.  My coaching practice and the work of our students will be incalcuably more powerful for the time we have spent in his genius. That is what learning from the best of the best is all about. Learning from the best of the best doesn’t happen every day. It is a rare experience. However, it is happening on the regular at The Coaching Guild. 

The coaching industry tends to create monodimensional, guru-driven spaces that become one-point-of-view echo chambers. These learning environments can become almost cult-like.  The Coaching Guild was created to bring a diverse set of instructors teaching in their zone of genius. 

This approach to training builds coaches who are confident doing work with a variety of issues and a wide variety of clients. Having the skills to do a wider range of work makes it easier to build a successful coaching practice. Simply put, when you have a broader base of skills you are qualified to work with and enjoy coaching with a broader base of clients. 

Our curriculum isn’t based on any one dogmatic approach or one specific theory or tool. We aren’t selling a magic pill approach to coaching. We are not pitching a coaching practice in a box with step-by-step instructions for how to have a cookie-cutter coaching business. If you’re looking for that, you should look somewhere else. 

The Coaching Guild is not a ¨Certification in a Weekend Retreat¨ kind of gig. It is not a $99.00 insta-course for a piece of paper that says you are all trained up.  The Coaching Guild is a twelve month intentive learning experience with a small group of students.  

Small class sizes ensure no one gets lost in the mix and each gets the attention they need to thrive.  Instructors can provide one to one support and feedback in an interactive learning environment. Live classes are held virtually so students from around the world can attend – and we do have students from around the world, as intended.  

The Coaching Guild is a purposefully choreographed dance of experts with intentionally curated student groups.  The instructors provide a comprehensive foundation of coaching skills taught by the right experts, fueled by diverse life experiences. 

All of this is about creating coaches who are trained with a multidimensional coaching approach and are ultimately able to make more money.  Our coaches are skilled at working with a much wider variety of clients than a coach who brings one path to their work.  It is also about training coaches that know the work because they have learned from different perspectives and angles. 

Coaches like Kevin Anthony Johnson, (we call him Coach KJ), who are committed to excellence in coaching, bring something to the students that I, as a single instructor cannot. Anthony brings his expertise.  He teaches things I could but I shouldn’t. The things Coach KJ teaches are not my speciality.  Students get the goods from passionate experts, and that is the way everyone should learn. 

The Coaching Guild was created to be University level training without the fluff of classes that aren’t applicable to your future work. When you get a University education you don’t expect to finish it in a few weeks. You take classes from more than one instructor because each instructor brings something specifically unique to the learning process. The best of the best instructors are a requirement if you’re going to learn at that level – and we have the best of the best at the Coaching Guild. 

This is a very long way of saying, coaches need to be looking for more in training. Coaches should be looking for training that is more than an expensive club or a cheap certificate. Coaches should be looking for a more diverse educational experience than the coaching approach or pint of view from one guru coach training instructor or single tool curriculum. 

Would be coaches should be looking for training that puts them in the company of real expert instructors, plural. Would be coaches should be looking for training programs who center their approach around student success instead focusing mostly on packing students into their programs.  Would be coaches should be looking for programs that offer individual support that meets them where they are instead of being piled into a one size fits all program and curriculum.

Kevin Anthony Johnson is the kind of coach who should be training and mentoring coaches.  It goes beyond his obvious expertise. He has a commitment to coaching as a profession that goes beyond how he plans for his own personal practice, his clients, and his future.  Coach K.J. has a vision and the expertise to share with a new generation of coaches.  That’s why he is one of our guest instructors. The Coaching Guild has a vision like that also.  

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