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The Coaching Guild was founded by Lisa M. Hayes.

Lisa has been a coach for more twenty years and has a decade of experience training and mentoring coaches.  
 With a background in Hypnotherapy and Behavioral Health Science, Lisa specializes in relationship work, brain and behavioral science, science-based deliberate creation principles, and coaching mechanics.  
 Lisa always said if she won the lottery, she’d be coaching from a sunny beach somewhere. Although, she hasn’t yet won the lottery, since moving to Mexico, she’s living the dream coaching from the beach a lot of the time. 
 Lisa loves activism and is committed to doing what it takes to see change in the world. She has worked on issues like reducing police brutality through legislative reform and finding community-based solutions for homelessness. 
 Lisa’s favorite title is wife and mother. She and her husband have two boys, five dogs, five chickens, and two love birds. In case you’re wondering the love birds rule the house. 
 You can learn more about Lisa at

Guest Faculty

Otherwise known as the best of the best

Iyabo Onipede

Cultural Competency

Iyabo is a facilitator, keynote speaker, and consultant for organizations that are ready to eliminate racism, dismantle oppressive systems and grow equitable cultures. Iyabo’s customized, high touch workshops allow for deep dives into the heart of race, inclusion, equity and racial justice. Her work opens pathways forward for organizational communities to build just and equitable environments by teaching with a carefully curated curriculum, creating learning spaces for guided self-reflection and
facilitating challenging exchanges. Iyabo is simply a community builder.
Iyabo is a qualified administrator for the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) and a certified Emotional Intelligence Coach (EQi 2.0). She graduated from Goucher College (B.A.), Georgetown University Law School (J.D.) and Candler School of Theology at Emory University (M.Div.). She also serves as the Co-Director of a nonprofit organization, Compassionate Atlanta, where she has so much fun loving on her community and where she is the most comfortable in her own skin.

The Coaching Guild

Kevin Anthony Johnson

Emotional Literacy and Intelligence

Kevin Anthony Johnson (Coach KJ) was adopted and raised in the Midwest, where he overcame the downward pull of homelessness in Detroit as a young person and forged his own way as an entrepreneur, creative and trusted advisor to leaders from Chicago to Israel to Shanghai.As an executive coach to public servants, startups, teams and executives at billion dollar companies, KJ brings his signature style of heart, challenge and personal excellence to everyone he interacts with. He deftly weaves living systems, neuroscience and emotional fitness into a bold approach to personal and collective transformation. 

KJ earned his certification as an evidence-based coach from Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, California and holds certifications for Transformational Leadership, Coaching and Social & Emotional Intelligence from Wright Graduate University for the Realization of Human Potential. He currently serves on the local & national boards of @826CHI, a nonprofit centered on amplifying the voice of our youth. He’s the author of two books, an artist, Haiku aficionado, marathoner and philosopher—but most proudly he’s the father of three curious young adults who are making their own kind of change in the world.

The Coaching Guild

Karen Hawkwood

Archetypal Human Design

Karen Hawkwood, also known as KJ Sassypants, is a deep-diver into the human soul who also helps people make pragmatic and lasting changes. She is a certified Master Life Coach through Martha Beck, having taken coach training in 2012 and Master Coach training in 2015, and has had a client practice since 2013. She’s been an ardent student of human nature since before she could walk, and paired that with a deep interest in Jungian/archetypal astrology in the late 1980s, which is a key component of her individual and group work. She’s also somewhat of a geek, and in addition to her private practice she founded and runs a small tech-set-up business to help entrepreneurs get the tech they need in ways that are neither scary nor ruinously expensive. She is funny, fierce, quirky, eloquent, insightful, and deeply devoted to helping people know who they really are and build lives and businesses around that.

The Coaching Guild


Organic Marketing

Jessica is a published author, international speaker, and one of the most trained coaches in the whole world. She has been recognized (twice) as one of the most 100 Powerful Women in Business in Mexico.
With more than 18 years of marketing and sales background experience in Fortune500 companies, Jessica decided to create her unicorn life. She founded her own boutique coaching company, where she teaches Brave Spirits how to create more money. She lives in the intersection of strategy and energy and loves to work with introvert, highly sensitive and empath souls –just like her-.
Jessica knows that coaching saved her life in many ways. Coaching was the technology that allowed her to graduate from many old identities. With coaching miracles (as she calls them), she recovered from depression, left the bulimia and disordered eating world, created the love of her life, became pregnant and gave birth (painlessly) to an energetic and intuitive boy.
Her most recent deliberate creation is the body of her dreams: she dropped off 46 pounds in less than 6 months.

The Coaching Guild

Sarah Normandin

Trauma Response and Decoding Triggers

Sarah is a therapist and coach with over 13 years of experience. She began her career working in public mental health working with at-risk children and their families and eventually transitioned into starting a private therapy and coaching practice. Since Sarah is a mother and partner, she understands the complexity of modern life and how to manage stress while juggling many responsibilities. She believes in having fun, taking naps and saying no as often as possible. If you’re interested in exploring motherhood, imperfection, and doing less to have more–or just want someone to tell you to take a break, you can find her at
The Coaching Guild

Tracy McNeme Carrothers

Coaching Ethics

Tracy Carrothers wants to live in a world where all women are welcomed to expand instead of required to shrink– where they aren’t silenced, sidelined, or defined by the narrow roles, responsibilities, and standards society prescribes. She is a passionate creative, coach, facilitator, writer, and former attorney.
Tracy is a coach, facilitator, creative, former attorney, expat, mom and adventurer living in Taipei Taiwan.
After a sabbatical from her coaching work due to a little rumble with breast cancer, she is back and ready to go. Over the next few months, she is expanding her work through in-person groups, online courses, writing, and more. That work will center on fiercely advocating for women to make space for themselves so that they can live fully into who they are.
A mini- workbook for ex-pat/”trailing” spouses can be found on her Instagram and Facebook pages as well as other art and musings on living abroad, fitness, body love, mindset, and the not so occasional photo of her dogs and kids.

The Coaching Guild

Samuel Moreno

Understanding Sexual and Gender Identity

Sam Moreno received a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology from Seattle University in 2013. He primarily focused on Gender and Sexuality studies, as well as Social Linguistics. His passion for comprehensive education and advocacy related to gender and sexuality began as a teenager, as a peer to peer sexuality educator through Planned Parenthood. 
Since receiving his degree, Sam has been active in police accountability advocacy, while approaching anti-racism movements through the lens of gender and sexuality intersectionality. He has also provided counsel to political campaigns when connecting the links between the intersections of gender, sexuality, race and class.
Sam currently lives in San Francisco’s Mission district while continuing to be active in police accountability activism and the Black Live Matter movements. He has also established a group that hopes to provide education and accountability in recovery and sobriety communities. 
As a recovering alcoholic and addict, Sam is acutely aware of the problematic nature of treatment and recovery cultures that remain institutionally sexist, homophic, transphobic and racist. 
In his spare time Sam enjoys watching films, pop culture and hosting dinner parties.
The Coaching Guild

Jacqueline (Jacqui) Gates

Setting Your Life Up to Support Your Success

Jacqueline (Jacqui) Gates is a transformational coach inspired by her devotion to Vesta and shaped by years of stage craft as an actor. 
Jacqui’s work shifts the home into a place of reinvention and liberation, turning housework into home care and a practical expression of self care, empowerment and reinvention. 
Jacqui brings the authentic sparkle of the divine to the process of tending the future self through tending the home. She helps her clients to meet the next greatest version of themselves and anchor that new self through simple and practical home care rituals and processes.
The Coaching Guild

Trudy Sharp

Mental Health in the Coaching Process

As an Integrative Nurse Practitioner with decades of Psychiatric experience, Trudy brings a unique perspective to Human optimization. She insists on her own continuous personal growth, understanding that it is a never ending path. She is committed to listening for and being a stand for your Life working. For you loving the Life you have and are building.
In this coaching capacity, Trudy is intent on your understanding when the barrier to growth in a Human is beyond your scope and is best served by a referral to a Mental Health professional. She is excited to be a resource for a group of people focused on lifting Humans to their highest potential!

Academic Mentor Coaches

Otherwise known as the International Dream Team

The Coaching Guild

Janette Dalgliesh


Janette Dalgliesh helps rebel progressive women to create their 5-year dream in three months (even if they don’t know what that dream is yet).

Her international clientele — the poets, the politicians and the entrepreneurs — all bring their unique skills and talents to the work of dismantling patriarchal systems (both external and internal). 
Janette uses her unique blend of astrology and neuroscience-based coaching to help women come home to themselves and their inherent, world-altering power, so they can do work which make a difference, makes good money, and makes their hearts sing.
The Coaching Guild


Energy Coach & Pranic Healer, Arhatic Yoga Practitioner, Yoga Teacher & Practitioner.

Ruby is a practicing Energy Healer & Coach, a Yoga Teacher and Arhatic Yoga® Practitioner. Her work includes offerings made through Pranic Healing®, Access Bars®, Angel Healings and Readings, One-on-One Coaching and various Workshops.   
She is passionate about demystifying esoteric knowledge so it starts to become common and accessible, about teaching the practical applications of spirituality in everyday life and about animal rights, especially stray animals and animals in captivity; and that passion comes across in her blogs, workshops, social media pages and when you speak with her.
@sociallyruby or via her website
The Coaching Guild

Joy Zalzala-Soyka

Relationship & Career Coach

Joy Zalzala-Soyka is a relationship and career coach with great love and respect for misfits and rule breakers, who expect the best for themselves and the world.
As an academic, activist and writer, Joy has an inter sectional perspective on violence and addresses the connections of violence and discrimination on a personal level with systemic & state violence. For 8 years she has worked as a counselor, educator and manager in non-profit organisations serving women and trans*people who have experienced violence or discrimination. Joy’s focus lays on empowerment and
visionary activism, as she believes it is possible to change the conditions of how we live in society. She loves turning ideas into action and following unconventional paths.
Joy started her own coaching practice in 2012 and specializes in working with people in biracial / multicultural relationships and people from various lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, non-binary and inter* communities.
When their kids were just 3&5 years old, Joy and her wife started to travel the world with them long-term as a rainbow family. They currently live in their home-base Berlin, Germany.

The Coaching Guild

Cindie Chavez

The Love & Magic Coach

Cindie Chavez, “The Love & Magic Coach”, is a certified life, relationship, and mentor coach (iPEC graduate 2010), and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner (2010), as well as an author, speaker, and teacher.
She enjoys mentoring corporate coaches and life coaches and has a reputation for bringing astounding clarity and having a wicked sense of intuition.
Her areas of expertise range from communication and conflict resolution to NLP and a widely diverse range of other proficiencies and interests including astrology, kabbalah, tarot, magic, and spirituality.

Tepsii Thendo Lufuno Tshikororo

Tepsiii is teaching Copy Writing

Tepsii is a Best-Selling Author, Expert Copywriting Teacher, and Coach with a degree in Public Communication and over 13 years of experience as a professional writer. She has worked with over 100 soulful 6 and 7-figure business owners. Collectively her clients have made millions of dollars (over $20M USD collectively) using her sales copy.

Her first book, Open Your G.I.F.T.S., is co-authored by Actress/Entrepreneur, Kim Coles. It includes the stories of 21 women who share how they reclaimed their power in moments of loss.

Tepsii is referred to as a leading authority in digital marketing. Since starting her business she has amassed an online following that includes over 20,000 fans on her email list and social media.


The Coaching Guild

Abdul Rahman

Admin and Technical Operations

A Teacher, Husband and CEO of HashStack Technologies. Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork with six year Web development Experience. Love to do Gaming, Research in information security, traveling.

Kim Jones


i, my name is Kim Jones. I am a Law of Attraction coach, Reiki practitioner, artist, hula hooper, empath…also mother of a brilliant 26-year-old woman and 2 corgis. I spent over 20 years in the corporate world, doing my best to maintain a “normal”(husband/job/kid/house) life while feeling my soul slowly withering. A divorce and several disasters later, I’m finally doing what I love, and helping others reach that place in their lives more quickly than I did.