What Students Are Saying About the Coaching Guild – Graduate Maria Thompson Corley

We couldn’t be more proud of, inspired by, or grateful for this woman than we are. Maria is amazing. This beautiful woman is a composer, performer, author, incredible mother, and overall wildly brilliant human.

Now she is a fully graduated, highly skillful coach.

“Transparency and vulnerability are two of the pillars on which good coaching rests. For this reason alone, Lisa Hayes is a superlative instructor for life coaches who truly want to make a difference, rather than just charging a high hourly rate.

That said, Lisa also possesses a secure knowledge of both the technique and the business side of the industry, demonstrating expertise in both the Law of Attraction side and brain science. This means that she can teach people who are more “metaphysical” and those who are more “practical” equally well. Added to this, she enlists other instructors who have expertise in particular areas–such as cultural competency, LGBTQIA issues, trauma and ethics–to augment her already vast store of information, absorbed from diverse life experiences and over two decades in the field.

Coaching is dominated by white women; Lisa is dedicated to training and empowering people from across the broad spectrum of humanity. She provides this much-needed service while continuing to demonstrate the humility needed to be the life-long learners all of us should strive to become. All that, and she remains accessible for her students’ needs, not only those related to their coaching practices, but also their lives.

I give her, and her course, 5 enthusiastic stars.”

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