What’s happening at The Coaching Guild this week? Emotional Literacy and it is AMAZING.

Our instructor is bold and brilliant. Kevin Anthony Johnson is the best of the best, and we are blessed to have him. Emotional intelligence is one of those things we tend to take for granted. Ask pretty much anyone, especially a coach, and they will tell you, they both understand emotional intelligence and are naturally highly emotionally intelligent – and while that might be true, the rare opportunity to study with someone who masters this body of work is priceless.

Kevin is that someone.

Kevin has decades of experience as a coach. He has a highly successful career in both personal and corporate coaching spaces. He has a unique depth of knowledge in emotional intelligence. His life and professional practice are a daily demonstration of that expertise.

Kevin’s contribution to our program at The Coaching Guild demonstrates our commitment to a multi-instructor, multi-disciplinary approach to coach training. The Coaching Guild is not a guru-driven singular approach to coaching. We work around a core curriculum with a diverse group of expert instructors who bring their unique genius and skills with a generous approach to learning.

We know there isn’t one way of coaching that is a magic wand for every client. We know that depth in coaching skills is what makes a great coach.

We know that depth in coaching skills is what makes a great coach.

We know that a multi-instructor approach to training creates a foundation of skills that can’t be learned any other way.

This is our second round of student training with Kevin. Kevin is a gift to our students. I learn things from him every time I hear him speak, the kinds of things I can put to work in my practice and my life immediately. You could be learning this stuff too.

If you are an artist, a creative, an outsider, a rebel, a rockstar, a misfit, a non-joiner, or a good trouble-maker, and you think you might want to change the world, one client at a time, check us out.

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