What’s Happening at The Coaching Guild This Week? Ethics, Which Might Just Be the Most Important Part of Our Training

The dirty little secret of the coaching industry is that coaching and ethics are at times uncomfortable bed-fellows. Many potential clients have no way of understanding coaching is an entirely unregulated field of work.
We do not have any licensing requirements.
We do not have to meet any standards of training.
We do not have any professional oversight.

Clients make assumptions about things like confidentiality requirements and ethical scope of practice standards that do not actually exist.

No one can tell us what to do or what not to do. While most coaches are good people with big hearts in all the right places, we don’t always see ethical practice through the same lenses.
Clients get hurt by the ambiguity.

Most coaches don’t get any ethics training.
Behind the scenes, the conversations we should be having about ethics get lost in the deafening noise about marketing, more marketing, and even more and bigger marketing. It is hard to admit how often a coach will compromise evident ethical standards, rationalizing it however they can, to make more money.

At times, this means that our profession’s ethical and moral compass might be questionable, and we know it.

We have to do better.

It is why every student at The Coaching Guild must do ethics training with the best, Tracy McNeme Carrothers.

Tracy is a coach, facilitator, creative, former attorney, ex-pat, mom, and adventurer living in Taipei, Taiwan. Tracy is bold and uncompromising. She is a brilliant coach. Tracy is the person every coach should learn coaching ethics from. Her legal experience, matched with her years as a coach, make her insights invaluable.

Without a moment of hesitation, I will concede Tracy will teach ethics better than I could. She is the best. The Coaching Guild is a collection of the best of the best. We are doing things differently at The Coaching Guild. We are training to a higher standard.

If you are a wild one, a creative, a rebel, or a good trouble-maker, who wants to make a living making the world a better place, check us out.

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