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There has never been a better time to become a coach.
Because if we’ve learned anything through the first half of 2020 it’s that the things we once thought were stable, aren’t. You can’t count on the old ways of doing things to get you where we want to go. Working for someone else, with their rules, by the hours they set, putting money in their pockets guarantees you exactly not one thing – and it’s usually not that rewarding.

But you already know this. That’s why you’re here.
There has also never been a better time to be a coach. Now, more than ever, people need what coaches deliver. When the sh*t hits the proverbial fan people will invest in coaching because they know coaching will help them thrive when other people struggle. They will prioritize their coaching over other things that might seem optional.

Because coaching works.

Successful coaches do work they love helping people build better lives.
They set their own hours and work from wherever they want.
They make good money and create their own career paths.
It is a pretty sweet gig that changes lives and the world.

However, let’s just drop this right here, because it’s important: There is a big difference between becoming a coach and becoming a successful coach.
Successful coaches have exception coaching skills. They have that kind of skills that are agile, adaptable, and fluid. They do work that can follow wherever a client takes them. Successful coaches do not get their certification from weekend courses they found on Facebook. Successful coaches aren’t looking to shortcut. They are constantly learning. They invest in their education – even after they have finished their training.

But there is more.
Successful coaches are willing to show up. They build community and make it look easy. They put in the work it takes to fill a practice without excuses. They master the art of visibility in ways that look so smooth you’d think they have always been so effortless. However, chances are they learned that too.

With decades of experience in the coaching industry, we have figured out what matters and what doesn’t. We’ve figured out what works and what is a waste of tim

The Coaching Guild has one mission:

Train SUCCESSFUL coaches
and we know success is about more than just money, but money IS a big part of it.

The Coaching Guild may be the most
challenging training program on the market.

This program will push you. It will stretch you. It will force you to grow.
The Coaching Guild will be an investment of money, but more importantly time and energy. It demand your attention.
The Coaching Guild program is intended to be a University level learning experience. The learning is both interactive and individual. Live classes are held virtually, so you can attend from anywhere in the world.
The next group starts July 2021.

The Coaching Guild