Drama-free marketing is what’s happening at The Coaching Guild this week

There is a way of making yourself visible and available with intention and purpose. There is a way to market your coaching practice that feels like a welcoming invitation instead of hunting prey. There is a way to be so present for your people that welcoming them into your universe or ecosystem feels as natural as inviting someone you really like over for coffee to talk and deepen your relationship.

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Kevin Anthony Johnson

In case you're wondering what has been happening at The Coaching Guild, this week, we are learning from a guest instructor, Kevin Anthony Johnson, a Master Coach & Life Strategist.…

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Joy Zalzala-Soyka

In case you're wondering what's happening at The Coaching Guild this week, our students got to meet and interview mentor coach Joy Zalzala-Soyka. It was a treat because Joy is…

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Toxic Thought-Work

This story is being shared 100% with my client's permission.  Names and specifics have been changed to protect client identity. Toxic Thought-Work We will call her Amanda.  Amanda is a…

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I am a coach who preaches self-care. Lessons on self-care are a cornerstone in almost all of my work. However, I am profoundly aware we need to rethink our relationship…

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Diversity is powerful

Diversity is powerful. Uniqueness is beautiful.  We celebrate what makes us all different.  Be yourself.  We like it that way. At The Coaching Guild, our commitment to inclusion across race,…

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