Jacqueline Gates – The Queen of Living as If

What’s happening at The Coaching Guild this week?

Jacqueline Gates.That’s what’s happening.

We are neck-deep in the magic/science of deliberate identity shifting. Identity shifting is EVERYTHING. That said, it is tricky work because most people think the next shiny thing or goal they are chasing will make them happier forever. We instinctively know that rarely works as well as we want it to, but that doesn’t prevent us from chasing the next new thing anyway.

Trying to get someone who has shiny object syndrome to understand happiness isn’t about getting that next new thing or to that next new place is real hard. Sustainable change is always about BEING someone different.


Identity shift=ultimate alignment

There is no way around that. However, embodying the shifts required to become the intentional next version of yourself can feel challenging. A chunk of that work is a mental game that doesn’t seem as if it’s producing tangible change fast enough to be satisfying. It takes daily sustained effort, and at first, that effort doesn’t feel all that rewarding.

This is where the genius of Jacqui’s work shines. Jacqui has this intuitive way of helping clients turn every aspect of their environment into a living vision board. She coaches clients to bring their future next-self into the present in concrete ways, making becoming your next self immediately gratifying. Under Jacqui’s wing, clients get the payoffs of who they want to become on day one in the most minor and most significant ways.

Identity shifting isn’t about the big jumps or quantum leaps. Instead, it is an unfolding and expanding that allows a client to own their evolution. This work is nuanced and intuitive. Jacqui’s magic is tangible, incremental, sustainable, and joyful. That is precisely what genius coaching looks like. It is an art.

She makes it look effortless. It isn’t. The work of identity shifting can feel very formulaic in the toolbox of a coach who doesn’t have the foundational coaching skills to back it up. This is why The Coaching Guild takes a multi-disciplinary approach, training coaches with deep roots in both the practical and the practically magic aspects of coaching that go beyond the personal experience they bring to the work.

If you want to learn how to be a coach or be a better coach learning from experts like Jacqueline Gates, you should check out The Coaching Guild.We are doing coach training differently.

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